Asia Pacific Theological Seminary is a cooperative ministry of the Assemblies of God national churches of Asia, Pacific Oceania, and the Assemblies of God World Missions-USA. A multi-national Board of Directors representing these various entities governs the school. The faculty and administration of APTS are also multi-national.


The 5.6 hectare (10.6 acre) APTS campus is located on a quiet hillside six kilometers (3.5 miles) from the town center of Baguio City, which lies 250 km. (150 miles)north of Manila. Although situated above sea level at 1630 meters (5300 feet) it is just minutes away from schools, churches, and transportation facilities. Baguio City, with a population of 350,000, is served by regular bus service from Manila.

Appropriately called the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of the many tourists who visit the city during the summer season, Baguio City is known for its many colleges and universities, fine restaurants, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and unique local handicrafts. With its generally low crime rate and lack of social disturbances, the area provides a comfortable and secure setting for international students.

The campus itself is secure and well-guarded. Students will find an environment conducive to theological studies in the midst of a cool mountain climate, beautiful surroundings, and a unique intercultural setting.


Whether your group is small or large, APTS has the accommodations to meet your needs.


For a more intimate gathering, you may want to consider the Hurst chapel which has seating to accommodate up to 100 people. This location also has two overflow rooms just in case your party expands beyond your expectations. The Alton Garrison chapel, situated on the sixth floor with a magnificent view of the Cordillera mountain range, has a seating capacity of up to 350. It is a great place for a spiritual retreat, big conference group, or large wedding.


Whatever your academic needs during your conference or retreat gathering, we have classrooms to meet your every request.


The APTS bookstore and gift shop offers a wide variety of items to make your visit more relaxing. Whether you are looking for a good book to feed your soul, want to shop for some gift items, or just want some snacks for a treat, the gift shop is a place you will want to visit.


Housing includes guest suites, apartments, and dormitory facilities for larger groups. For more details on rates, click here.


APTS cafeteria provides three meals a day. In addition to individual cafeteria selections, food services have the capacity to accommodate large groups up to 200.


APTS has completed the first phase of the prayer mountain as part of the 2014 Jubilee Vision. The Prayer Mountain accommodates up to 350 persons perfect venue for solemn event or weddings.  


For enquiries, registration of courses and lodging rates, click here

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We look forward to your visit to Asia Pacific Theological Seminary!